Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I've gotten into the groove of this staying at home business. I quit work at the end of October, but I really haven't been at home until just recently. I had a really rough time for a while. I was so disappointed that I didn't enjoy staying at home, but I don't think I've given myself enough credit. After all, we haven't been staying at home. We went from Georgia to Virginia back to Georgia to Florida and back to Georgia. We moved across the entire world. We spent two and a half weeks living in three different hotel rooms. We moved into a new house in a new country three days before Christmas. No wonder I didn't enjoy staying at home. I wasn't AT home. And poor Brendan was just along for the ride. Considering everything we've done, he's been remarkable. We have only started feeling like we have a routine the past couple weeks. We haven't done a whole lot other than hang out at home, but we'll share some pictures.

My original intention was to share a cup of chocolate pudding with him. He ate the whole thing.

He won't sit still long enough to listen to a story. He prefers to flip through on his own.

Somebody has a plumber's crack.

Naughty boy doesn't listen when we tell him no.

He turns the TV on and off approximately 268 times a day.

One night he wanted to play in the kitchen while I made dinner. Play time in the kitchen constitutes of pulling cords, playing in the cat food and water, and dumping out the laundry basket. So this is what we came up with.

His daddy got a good laugh when he came home and found his son here. However, it won't happen again for a while because when he went to get out of it he face planted onto the floor.

Every night before bed we all play on the floor together.
Well, these two play and I take pictures.

Tom can now play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the xylophone. He's so proud.

Brendan spends a lot of time in his high chair. Other than green beans and rice, he is no longer willing to eat baby food, and I can't say that I blame him. So he gets lots of snacks throughout the day.

Yesterday morning I took him to Dunkin Donuts. Unfortunately, I was in a hurry and forgot the camera. No big deal because this kid prefers Cheerios to donuts. He can't be my child. I think the nurses switched my child with someone else's.

Our new friends, Tina and Julie, came over to play. I guess we were raising a ruckus. Apparently, Kody went upstairs to find a quiet spot.

The changing table was his nap spot.

 Kody and Sophie haven't snuggled since Sophie was a kitten. Apparently, they got used to their close quarters when they spent two weeks in the kennel. Now I often see this.


  1. I'm glad you guys are getting into a routine - you've been through a lot! And look at you, already hosting play dates :) Brendan's hair looks like it has some curl to it. Wish Will's did.

  2. Because of said hair, everyone thinks he's a girl. Despite the fact that he wears football and baseball shirts EVERY day.

  3. Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Love your blog.
    Have a nice day!

  4. Love the first tv pic! His reflection is so cute!

  5. I LOVE his hair!! I think it is what reminds me the most of Austin when he was little. It was a sad day for me when I cut off those curls.