Monday, January 24, 2011

Party Time

There's no time for chit chat. Our household goods were delivered this morning so there is MUCH work to be done. However, we had Brendan's birthday party this weekend.

I made him a photo book for his birthday. To view it, click here.

It was a small affair. Only the family across the street came. And then when Tom got home with the pizza and cake, he invited two little girls who were playing outside. Can you imagine being their mom and hearing, "Mom, some strange man said we can come to a party at his house and have pizza and cake." She quickly came to meet us, and decided we were safe enough to let them stay.

We learned something new about our boy: he likes sausage pizza.

He likes cake, too.

He likes cake a lot.

Can you tell?

She likes cake, too.

Note to self:  Blue icing stains.

Looks like everybody had a good time.

I ordered his presents online. Some of them didn't make it in time. But the biggest one sure did.

We took him to the zoo yesterday. Photos of that to come. We had a blast.

Brendan's real birthday is tomorrow. He has to go to daycare for a little while because his mommy has a job interview. Hopefully, I'll get the job. Then I can buy him lots more toys. Even though he's going to daycare, we'll make sure he has a special day.



  1. Cute cake! I'm making a note about the blue frosting...but it sure looks like he enjoyed it!

  2. Next year make sure to tell them to put a comma after "Happy Birthday." (Nouns of direct address). LOL GREAT pictures! I showed Inna and Misha the one you posted on Facebook the other night and told them about our tradition of letting a 1-year-old eat his cake with his hands. They thought that was cool. We also spoke to Mom and Grandma on Skype last night, which they thought was AMAZINGLY cool. I love y'all!!

  3. EXCELLENT! I wish we could have been there to help celebrate with y'all.

    Adam, you are just like your mom & Erin - correcting spelling & grammar. Y'all must have a good laugh at all my errors!

    Love to all.

  4. Oh my goodness! I loved reading this post. I laughed out loud at Tom inviting two little random girls over.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRENDAN!!!! Even though it's still a day away. See - I know these things!