Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow

We've been telling ourselves that the rain can't last forever. Well, it didn't. Yesterday was gorgeous. Brendan and I ran an errand and then stopped by the playground. This is the first playground I've found with the typical American baby swings.

He had a blast.


And just in case you aren't sick of swing pictures, here are a few more.

We really didn't intend to stay so long but we were having so much fun, and the weather was just perfect.

After about 45 minutes we decided we better give another baby a turn on the swing. Brendan's still too little to go down the slides by himself, but he did figure out that he can play in the tubes.

Stubborn kid won't look at the camera.

I saw a lot of this.

We also met this little cutie.
She gave me the island scoop. This kid knows her stuff. Her dad says she should be an AFN reporter. Unfortunately, Brendan wouldn't cooperate to take a picture with her.

He loves weeds. Maybe he'll be a gardener like Grandad?

And he sure doesn't mind getting dirty.

We see (and hear) a lot of these. How Brendan sleeps through them, I have no idea.

And a few pictures of us at home.

That's the "I'm coming for you, Mom!" look.

It's party time...tomorrow is Brendan's birthday party!

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  1. Great pics! What an absolute cutie pie. I wish I could give him and those baby blues a big ol' hug from Aunt Becca! Keep the pics rolling girl.
    Hugs & kisses to all of you.