Sunday, March 6, 2011


Saturday morning we got up and went to the USO Bazaar. I brought my camera with me, and when I got it out to snap a picture, I saw a message flashing that there was no memory card. I had left it stuck in the computer at home. Hate when I do that. Anyway, we found a few treasures and we had lunch there. We came home so Brendan could take a nap. Tom ended up going to work and I had a chance to read for a while. It was a beautiful day, so we headed outside for a walk once the boy woke up. Our neighbors came with us and brought their dogs. I love it when they walk with us because Brendan loves to watch the dogs. Our favorite route, of course, is along the sea wall, and we happened to catch a beautiful sunset.

And because we were all together, we were able to get a rare picture of the three of us.

We walked for so long that nobody felt like cooking dinner. We went out to eat together, and I had the best fried rice ever. It comes in a hot skillet, with the egg still raw, and you mix it up yourself to finish cooking it. Brendan loved it too but there must have been too much garlic for him because he was up twice during the night.

Sunday we took a picnic lunch (from Burger King) to Kurashiki Dam. It's so beautiful there.

His favorite part of his lunch? The ketchup I squirted right onto his tray.

He even preferred the ketchup over a funnel cake stick. You can call his name until you are blue in the face and he still refuses to look at you.

It was a good day, followed by a good nap, and a dinner I didn't have to fix.


  1. You live in an amazing place. I LOVE the picture of you and Brendan sitting in front of that waterfall :)

  2. Those were some great pictures of your family! Gorgeous scenery too!

    Sounds like you had a great time together :)

  3. Love it. Thanks for sharing. Awww the pics of the water is giving me such a serious case of spring fever!