Monday, March 21, 2011


I love living here. We've been to three different playgrounds in three different days. Four if you count Round 1 last Friday.

Check out those dirty knees!

He's mostly interested in playing in the dirt.

I think we're going to have to get these bangs trimmed.

We went shopping. Brendan walks around fairly well. However, I still keep him in either a cart or stroller when we're in stores. It was Dad's bright idea to get him out of the stroller. And then it was also his bright idea to let him walk around.

And then guess what happened.

He bailed. And he left me with this.

We got these new shoes.
Can anybody honestly tell me these aren't the cutest shoes ever?

And I got this pair out of the hand-me-downs that we were so fortunate to receive.

They're pretty cute, too.

Brendan wasn't a big fan.

I love his cankles.

We went for a nice walk on the sea wall.

On our way home we came across this sign. Lots of things get lost in translation. The point usually gets across, but I'm not quite sure what this one means.

I want to make sure that everybody knows I'm not making fun of these signs. I absolutely appreciate the effort to post things in English. I think it's endearing.

It's our last week at home together. We're going to live it up!

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  1. Love getting to visit the park! And it looks you guys had some great weather for it.

    And i agree - cute shoes!