Friday, March 4, 2011


Yesterday I decided we had had enough of spending our days at home and we needed some action. We got in the car to head to the zoo. And as soon as we started out it started to drizzle. So we headed to Round 1 instead. He hates riding in the car and I turned around to talk to him and saw this.

 Here he is when we got there.
Obviously, he had been crying. Don't worry...nothing was wrong. He just hates to ride. Once I paid for our 90 minutes we went straight to the play land. And he made a beeline for this.

He loves these trikes.

We had the place to ourselves. It was some pretty good quality play time.

Yes, I know I need to trim his bangs but he won't sit still long enough to let me do it.

He was fascinated by this machine that sucked the balls up into a tube.

I'm not sure what the weekend entails besides a Scentsy party Sunday for me. I told Tom last night, "I have that party to go to Sunday. You know what that means, right?" And his response was, "Yeah, that means Peanut's going down for a nap." Thank goodness I'll only be next door.

And we'll leave you with "Attack of the Kissy Monster."


  1. I love listening to him laughing! So cute.

  2. How fun! I want to gooooooooooo *whiny voice* On a side note, I have discovered that giving a kid a lollipop generally gives you free reign over their hair ;)