Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Caved

Baby's First Haircut

Or maybe "hair trim" would be a better term. I only had his bangs trimmed and left the precious curls in tact. Even so, I cried.

His big boy haircut deserved a new big boy chair.

He can also do the sign for "more." I don't think anyone in my family has attempted baby signing so click here to see the sign. Sometimes a baby's sign doesn't look exactly like it should, but the parent can usually figure it out. Here's Brendan's version:

Tom says he's doing pat-a-cake but I know better. If I prompt him, he'll do the sign instead of yelling for another bite.

Goodnight from our little big cutie!


  1. I love the sign language! That is awesome! He is obviously telling you something other than Patty Cake! lol.

    You do realize you will eventually have to cut the rest of the hair in order to prevent the "mullet" from forming, right? hahaha. I remember those days w/Austin's curls. I went ahead & cut them all of with his 1st cut. :( Sad face. Changed his whole appearance.

    Love y'all.

  2. Awwww. So sad to see a few little snips of the hair go, isn't it? But I bet your little man is happier now that the hair isn't in his eyes.

    Cute pictures, as always!

  3. Awww... isn't it amazing how a little hair cut changes our babies to toddlers? My husband had our son have his 2nd haircut yesterday while getting his own. The sad part? I wasn't there! It was all a surprise when they came home even though I have been saying for weeks that we probably need to get him another haircut.