Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Married A Man of Many Talents

He can juggle.
Who knew?

Brendan loved it.

He woke up from his nap in a great mood, and with some crazy hair.

He has two new bottom teeth. I just noticed them yesterday. Look very closely and you can see them.

We played for a while.

See that wrench? It goes to this car.

It was a gift from Will. It was intended to be "payback" for the car we sent Will for his birthday. His mommy says it is the most annoying toy they own. However, this is one cool car. Tom loves it. Brendan carries the wrench around all the time. It does do some pretty cool stuff.

We played some more.

And then for some reason he was super whiny. If I walked into the kitchen (which involves me stepping over his nemesis:  the baby gate), he cried. If I went to the bathroom, he cried. At one point, if I was not holding him, he was crying. So we had to think outside the box...and inside the bin.

This new Rubbermaid bin entertained him for a while. I only had to pick up 4381 Legos once he was done.

He cooperated briefly for a Mommy & Me photo shoot. I'm working on this self-timer thing.

And he even behaved (sort of) during his bath.

I love his sweet little shadow in this one.

Good night!


  1. I LOVE the self-portrait. I'm thinking FB profile pic....? Just sayin.
    Don't you love when the car asks, "Is that bio-diesel?" What a strange thing to ask. It makes me laugh everytime. And Will loves it when I do the 'glug, glug, glug' sound.
    Cute pics!

  2. My favorite is when it says, "Purrs like a kitten! Meow!"

  3. I saw those little teeth peeking through! Hopefully he's a good teether and it doesn't cause him much pain.