Thursday, March 17, 2011


Today I was that mom. You know...the one everyone hates. The one whose kid screams through the whole grocery store and she just moseys along and pretends she can't hear it. Yeah, that was me today. Before I had a child I loathed that woman. I'd give her a mean look and think, "Can't you do something to shut that kid up?" And then I became a mother. And I learned that sometimes there just really isn't anything you can to do shut them up. And unfortunately, for me and for everyone else within a one mile radius, there are still things that must be done.  At one point, we were coming through the gate and he was so loud that the guy who scanned my ID raised his eyebrows in alarm, and the guy inside the guard shack came out to investigate. I tried to give him away but I didn't have any takers. (Just kidding. Sort of.) And to add insult to injury, we saw quite a few other little kids who calmly sat in their shopping carts or strollers and looked at my kid like he had three heads.

I was just telling Mom the other day that this boy is much more difficult than I expected him to be. He'd probably be okay if I just carried him on my hip everywhere, but that's just not possible. He hates to ride in the stroller. He really hates to be taken out of the car seat and then put into his stroller. He arches his back and screams like I'm torturing him. It's quite the spectacle. In his defense (and mine too), today we don't think he's feeling well. He pitched a fit in the BX. And then he pitched another one at the post office. And then he really pitched one in the car. And then I took my chances and took him to Popeye's. Once he got some sweet tea things started to look up. We ended up having a pretty good lunch with Daddy. Do you know this kid eats about 85% of a kid's meal?

He loves sour straws candy.

And he likes to drink Daddy's drink WITH a sour straw.

He likes to watch Wheel of Fortune. Seriously.

And I just like this picture. Not quite sure why.

The whiny boy is now upstairs taking a much needed nap. Fingers are crossed that he wakes up happy.


  1. It's okay Erin this has happened to all of us moms, so just hang in there.

  2. Oh, I was one of those childless women too. You know the ones that give you the stink eye when your kid is having a bad day? Now, I know better!

    I pray that today is better for you guys. We all have those days and it does not make you a bad mother to be exasperated. And thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you'll drop by again soon.

  3. You're right, it happens to everyone. And once you're a mom and it happens to you, you realize how wrong you were to judge everyone else. Such is life.

    Ummm...I don't know what your preferences are (some moms are into it, others aren't) and I don't know how big your little man is, but perhaps he'd be happier if you wore him in a carrier?? I know you can use the Ergo carrier on your back and carry safely up to 40 lbs and 3 years of age. My little one is 20 lbs and I'm totally comfortable carrying her for up to a few hours in our ergo. Just a thought!

    ps - I'm following your blog :)

  4. lol oh Erin! hahahaha. I must be the only mom who has NEVER been through that! hahah Just kidding. You should keep an emergency stash of suckers in your diaper bag for just such an occassion. Of course, don't let him think that screaming is going to get him a sucker. Just make a deal with him (he's old enough for that). If you are good for the rest of this isle, you can have a sucker but if you continue to scream & cry, we will just have to go home for a nap and no sucker. It used to work w/my kids & you know Lauren: she was a cryer. I've been known to leave an entire cart of groceries in the middle of the store and walk out (no cold stuff) b/c of my kids screaming & crying. It's never a good day when this mama has to do that & my kids learned that pretty quick.

    I see all that sugary sweet stuff in those pics. Brush those cute little teeth! I am sure you already are. ;) Such a good mama!

    Hugs to y'all.

  5. I have been that mom more times than I can count, and mostly for my son who causes a scene much more than my daughter (though its early yet). Today I actually literally dragged my son out of daycare... yeah, that was great. (not) Hang in there honey, it's completey normal, and it does get better. I keep telling myself that anyways, and I'm starting to believe it ;) You're a great mom, and I love your updates!