Friday, March 11, 2011

Ryukyu Mura

Two big outings in one week. I've been out of work since the end of November and I finally decide to get off my rear, load up the baby, and see what we can see. I guess knowing my days at home are numbered has given me some motivation. Today we went to Ryukyu Mura. I really had no idea what to expect. I actually thought we were going to a pottery village. Oops.

There was lots to do and see. If you know who had been in a better mood I would have paid to get our picture taken in a kimono.

The place was a little bit reminiscent of Jamestown. There were people in periodic dress all over the place.

This lady was making Okinawan donuts.

I bought one for Brendan and me to share. It was still warm. We both enjoyed it. I've gotten these from our local supermarket, but they definitely weren't as good as this fresh one.

We saw another one of these guys. He was a real character. Anyone remember the Japanese word for "goat"?

Totally didn't notice High Voltage printed across his rear until I uploaded these pics.

Apparently, we got there just in time for a show. We saw a bunch of people gathered around so we decided to join them. Brendan and I were the only Americans.

I couldn't understand anything that was said, but from what I gather, these two are the king and queen.

I have no idea who this guy is.

These are eisa dancers.

I felt like this guy was worth the price of admission.

However, this guy was the star of the show.

He can really draw a crowd. What's that? You don't believe me?

Oh yes... they were lined up to take his picture.

He had this rooster in his hair all day. I couldn't get it to lay down. I was even "that" mom who licked her fingers to flatten it and it still wouldn't cooperate.

You can make your own pottery.
Once again, something I would like to have done but somebody was a little too antsy in his stroller. Maybe next time we'll take Dad along and then I can do some crafts.

There are several souvenir shops throughout the park. Can you believe I didn't buy a single thing? I wanted to buy a piece of pottery but decided I would wait until we go back with Tom and then we can choose something together.

I took this picture just for Mom.

She hates the Shisa dogs. I don't think she thought I could still be a smart aleck 8000 miles away. Love you, miss you. xoxox

Tom gave away the work phone for the weekend. It's the first time since he started work over here. I'm so pumped. Since he started first shirt duty, it's not often that Brendan and I get him all to ourselves. Tomorrow we're going to Pineapple Park!


  1. I remember when we lived in Hong Kong all the attention I got, it was fun, and slightly odd. They love blond hair and blue eyes! Does Brendan have any red to his hair? I can't tell. Hope you all are staying safe from the earthquakes, fires, and waves! Update us soon!

  2. You are living the life, mykl';plkjhnbvc friend! I'm just going to leave that typo there. Consider it a gift from Will. I love reading about all your adventures!

  3. Oh man you made me laugh over the crowd of people wanting to take his picture. That is too funny. That looks like a really neat place to visit too!