Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Typical Day

From beginning to end, a typical day in the Jones house.

When he first gets up, he gets a fresh diaper. Don't worry, no picture of that. I turn the TV on to try to keep him occupied while I change it. If he's lucky, I let him watch for a little while.

I sure hope he can see it ok.

Then he gets his breakfast.
He eats an entire banana pretty much every morning. Along with some Cheerios and milk.

Unfortunately, most of his Cheerios end up on the floor.

And so does his milk.

He pushes random items into our entryway.

Some days we meet Daddy for lunch.

Chopsticks are his toy of choice when dining out. Have a not-so-well-behaved toddler? Give 'em some chopsticks. Works every time. However, for safety's sake, he is only allowed to play with them while we eat.

After his nap he usually gets a snack. Today he got his first strawberry.

And guess where it ended up?

You guessed it. And considering a tiny pack cost 398 yen (more than $4!!), he won't be getting any more.

At some point Mommy has to make some dinner. I try to be smart and prep most of it during nap time. But half the time I finish things up like this.

After dinner he gets his bath.

And after his bath he plays.

And after play time, he goes to bed! Lately, I give him a bottle and read him a story. I put him in his bed awake. When I lay him down, he grins up at he's excited to go to bed. I love it. And I love these days with him.


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  1. That's so sweet. I'd say, no strawberries for that boy. Lauren would be horrified to see him waste a strawberry. She loves them dipped in chocolate now. Girl after my own heart.
    Love y'all.